Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

DailyPic: the third time .

I'm not kidding, I'm reading this book for the third time now, and still love it so much. It totally stays thrilling, which is a little weird but hey works for me (: everyone checking out this blog knows that I'm literally obsessed with Lauren Conrad, I don't know it feels like I had grown up with her. Me and my dear friend Mary were addicted to Laguna Beach. It was OUR show, we always watched it together. Good old days huh? (: so every fashion, gossip, Lauren or LA Fan has to read this novel. It's easy lecture nothing heavy, it makes me smile and keeps my from thing about all that stuff going on in MY life.
That's it from me. I'm gonna read now. Have a nice night and sleep tight.
xo J

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looking forward to all your words . xo